Forensic Healing is an Award-Winning Natural Therapy System.

It is a process that identifies the root cause of a person’s problems or unhealthy patterns. Your past experiences are stored in your cells, DNA, and energy field, and can be reflected in your life and body as unhealthy things (eg. pain, fear, stress, anxiety, unhealthy habits, lack of trust and relationship/finance issues, etc).

Forensic healing helps alleviate conditions that are holding you back, and stopping you from reaching your full potential. This will lead to gaining a deeper understanding of yourself, and help you to create what you truly desire.

At the end of the session, work will be shared that needs to be continued on by the client. Implementing this work will help to create permanent, healthy changes in your life, and will enable you to live your life in a more balanced way.

$ 150
1 hour 30 minutes and up
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