~ When things change inside you, things change around you ~

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The Sanctuary of Hearts has been created to enable you to become empowered, by creating a better connection with yourself, to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of who you truly are, and your emotions, needs, and values.

Through this deeper work that we do together, old patterns drop away, and healthier new paths are created, allowing you to create a new and more empowered way of living.

You will be able to find a place within that is authentic, balanced, nurtured, and with strong healthy boundaries.

I believe that when you connect with yourself with awareness and understanding, you are able to build healthy, trustworthy, and supportive relationships – with yourself and with others, to be able to live to your full potential, and create a fulfilled life.

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Awareness Gives You More Choice

What an incredible time we are facing now, having a great opportunity to “test” who we truly are. Because it is not what we say …

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Intuition – Your Personal Gift and Best Tool to Make Decisions

Intuition – your Gut Feeling can be the most powerful tool in our life, if we only find time to feel it, recognize it, listen …

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Understanding The Victim

Are you a person that takes responsibility for everything that happens in your life? Or perhaps you are a victim of your life, blaming other …

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